Spokesman for the coalition forces reviews Iranian-Houthi drones fired on Abha threatening global security

Tuesday 1439/8/1 - 2018/04/17
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Dammam, Sha'ban 01, 1439, April 17, 2018, SPA -- In a press conference held on Monday in Khobar, the Spokesman of the Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen Colonel Turki Al-Malki reviewed a video presentation of the Iranian-Huthi suicide drones that were launched on Abha city threatening global security. The press conference also included the position of the operations of Restore Hope to support the legitimacy within Yemen and targeting and attacking Houthi capabilities within Yemen across the Saudi border and the Houthi infiltrations and threats to regional and international security.
Colonel al-Maliki also reviewed the firing zones of the ballistic missiles from inside Yemen towards the Kingdom, indicating that the number of ballistic missiles fired on the Kingdom until the date of April 16, 2018, were 119 missiles and the number of projectiles were 66259, which comes within the Huthis' violations and threats to regional and international security. He reviewed the operational position of the operations of Restore Hope within Yemen and raising the flag of the Republic of Yemen in the city of Midi after liberation.
He highlighted an attack on a truck loaded with missiles, a buried weapons cache of the militias of Iran, buried stores of rockets. tunnels to hide missiles, and other targets.
The presentation focused on the report of UN Panel of Experts and the confirmation of the Iranian regime supplying the Huthi militias with drones, including the Iranian Ababeel aircraft, and the Iranian suicide drones.
The spokesman noted the total losses of the Houthi militias of Iran during the period (04 - 16 April 2018), reaching 737 weapons, equipment and sites.
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