General Authority for Culture announces Launching of Programs and Initiatives to Support Film Industry in Saudi Arabia

Friday 1439/8/25 - 2018/05/11
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Cannes, Sha'ban 25, 1439, May 11, 2018, SPA -- General Authority for Culture announced here today the launch of a number of major programs to support Saudi filmmakers, film industry and film production in the Kingdom, as well as non-Saudi filmmakers.
These initiatives are expected to have a positive impact on the local film industry and talent development, especially with the announcement of a grant program and international partnerships to develop skills and technical capabilities. These initiatives will also contribute to the growth of production in the local market.
The General Authority for Culture in the Kingdom is working to develop the cultural sector, including the film sector in the Kingdom in a sustainable manner, also contribute to economic and social development by creating new jobs and increasing spending on services and infrastructure of the sector through such initiatives.
The Director-General of the General Authority for Culture, the Supervisor of the Saudi Film Council, Eng. Ahmed Al-Mazayd, expressed the great happiness of this announcement during the first Saudi participation in the Cannes Film Festival, considering that these initiatives will develop talents, abilities and films content produced in Saudi Arabia
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