The Yemeni army advances north of Saada and imposes a siege on Baqam Directorate center

Monday 1439/9/5 - 2018/05/21
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Aden, 05 Ramadan,1439 AH, 21 May,2018 , SPA -- Yemeni national army forces have made a new ground progress against Iranian-backed al-Houthi militias in Saada province.
Brigadier General Yasser Al-Harthi, commander of the 102nd Brigade, said that the brigade's forces controlled large parts of Wadi al-Thuaban, Yafia al-Souqra mountain ranges, Tabab Yazhar and parts of al-Hadeed mountains during a military operation at the start of Ramadan.
Brigadier General Al-Harthi said, according to the website of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, that more than 30 killed and wounded from Houthi militias, along with a number of captives, including senior field leaders.
He confirmed that the center of Baqam directorate has become almost liberated, as the army imposed a siege from all directions while the air fighters of the coalition launched intensive raids targeting movements, reinforcements and sites where the militias are based in the area.
-- SPA
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