Houthi-Controlled Al-Hudaydah Port is a Platform of Launching Ballistic Missiles and Source of Hostilities in Red Sea Zone, Coalition's Official Spokesman says

Tuesday 1439/9/7 - 2018/05/22
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Riyadh, Ramadan 05, 1439, May 21, 2018, SPA -- The official spokesman of the Coalition (the Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen) Col. Turki Al-Malki confirmed that security investigations into a Turkish ship explosion, last week, showed that it was a deliberate attack coming out from Al-Hudaydah Port.
He added that the Houthi militias bear the legal responsibility for violating international law and the law of the sea in the zone.
During the regular conference of the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition, Col. Al-Malki said that Al-Hudaydah port became a point for smuggling ballistic missiles and for hostilities in the Red Sea and the Bab Al-Mandab strait, pointing out that targeting the Turkish ship will have great repercussions on the environment as well as the safety of ships in the zone.
Col. Al-Malki said that the security investigation into all the data that led to the explosion did not find suspicious material load on the ship, as it carries wheat coming from Russia. According to the story of the ship's captain and its crew, there was one boat that had approached the ship within four nautical miles on the radar before disappearing, as the ship was attacked by a missile. Through the security investigation team, the missile penetrated the outer wall of the ship's hull and crashed the tank located on the side of the ship's wall.
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