Counselor Al-Mansour: JIAT is Independent and stands at same distance from all parties to Yemeni conflict 2 Riyadh

Wednesday 1440/1/2 - 2018/09/12
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Noting that the incident assessment team had verified the incident and that after the Panel had been informed of all the documents, including the procedures and rules of engagement, the air mission inventory, the post-mission report, video recordings, satellite imagery and evidence assessment, the panel found that on 5/5/2015, the air coalition forces carried out an air mission using a number of bombs on a military target (the cultural center in Saada city), where the verification criteria were available for its military use. The Houthi armed militias seized and controlled it as well as the presence of (the leaders of the Houthi armed militia and the former president) and its use as headquarters for the radio (Mmasairah FM) in (military media broadcast) of the Houthi armed militia, in addition to the broadcast of radio interviews with the Houthi leaders, and accordingly legal protection of the civilian objects, the cultural center, fell because it was used to contribute to the military action, which is considered a legitimate military object whose destruction is a military advantage. The team found that by looking at the videos of the carried out mission that two bombs hit the target, the third bomb fell on a house near the cultural center incidentally due to a technical failure of aircraft systems, resulting in material damage.
In light of this, the Joint Team concluded that the targeting of the military center (civilian objects) was consistent with International Humanitarian Law and its customary rules, and the Joint Group found that the bomb fell on one of the houses because of a technical defect of the aircraft systems. The joint team sees that the coalition countries provides voluntary assistance for human losses and material damage.
In case No. 89, he stated that with regard to the report of the International Red Cross Regional Mission of 3/4/2017, which included that the coalition forces launched attacks on civilian fishing boats along the Yemeni coasts of the Red Sea on 22 February 2017, two helicopters intercepted 2 fishing boats 2 nautical miles off the coast of one of the Yakhtal; one of the two helicopters bombed a fishing boat, killing one person and wounding two.
He said that the Joint Accident Assessment Team verified the incident and, after reviewing all the documents, including the air and sea procedures and rules of engagement, the daily mission inventory and coalition inspection procedures, the operational records and the logistics records of the Coalition Forces vessels in southern Red Sea on the day of the claim and hearing of the statements of the commanders of ships in the area of operations at the date of the claim, the joint team found that the coalition forces did not carry out any military operations in the area of the claim on Wednesday 22/2/2017, and after review of recordings of the previous day, 21 February 2017, the team found that a military aircraft attached to a coalition ship carried out an air mission on a boat located on a Red Sea island, which is located at a distance of 39 nautical miles away from the location of the claim, for the following reasons: A- Based on the security warnings issued to the ships of the coalition about the threat of being targeted by booby-trapped boats, it dealt with the boat in order to avoid the danger to the coalition forces after confirmation of the absence of persons, B- The presence of the boat on an island which was empty of population, raising doubts about its purpose and the purpose of its presence, especially that it was present at the area of maritime operations. On the subsequent date of the claim on Thursday, February 23, 2017, the Joint Accident Assessment Team found that no coalition military operations took place in the area under investigation.
In light of this, the Joint Accident Assessment Team found that the coalition forces had not targeted civilian fishing boats along the Yemeni coast in the Red Sea. The Joint Team believes that, despite the threat to maritime navigation in operational areas and security warnings, the Panel found no evidence that the boat posed an immediate threat to the naval forces, as it had no dangerous elements on board and that it was on a remote, uninhabited island. For these reasons, the Panel recommends that the coalition countries provide voluntary aid to the owners of the boat that was targeted.
In connection with case No. 90 and to Human Rights Watch's report in November 2015, that at about 2 am, an air strike killed at least 16 civilians and wounded 16 others in the town of Yarim (120 km) south of (Sana'a), Human Rights Watch inspected the site on July 22. The raid partially damaged 11 residential buildings of one storey, and one two-storey building. The HRW found that the site is 200 meters from the entrance of the brigade (55) artillery seized by the Republican Guard forces of the former president. Local residents told the organization that at about 1:30 am (3) strikes his the military base, between the first strike and the other ten minutes, the fourth strike hit the residential area, and another resident said he heard a fifth explosion after (10) minutes, and it hit the military base, coordinates are attached to the claim.
He said that the Joint Accident Assessment Team verified the incident and, after reviewing all the documents, including the procedures and rules of engagement, the schedule of daily tasks, the satellite imagery and the assessment of the evidence, the Joint Group found that the houses in question were located in the north of the city of Yarim, north of the province of Ib. After examining the list of daily tasks for the claim day (July 19, 2015), the joint team found that the coalition forces did not carry out any air missions on the city of Yarim, and there was no aerial mission of the coalition forces inside Yemen between 01:30 - 03:00, local time according to the date of the claim. It was also clear to the team after returning to the schedule of daily tasks of the day preceding the prosecution and the following day (18-20 / 7/2015) that there were no air missions on the city (Yarim), and by watching the satellite images of the camp of the brigade (55) they showed the presence of the effects of bombing and after searching the records of the tasks, it turned out it had been bombed previously (14 April 2015) by the Coalition Forces, three months before the date of the allegation.
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