Umrah Applicants Can Reserve Services' Package, Confirmation, E-Visa Issuance, form On-Line

Friday 1440/5/26 - 2019/02/01
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Riyadh, Feb 1, 2019, SPA -- Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launched here today a package of updating, at a portal for incoming Umrah's groups, named: Maqam, which enable Umrah applicants, from all over the world, to request reserving related services, from on the line, through the new platform, from now on.
These services include, also, confirming of reservations and issuance of the e-visas.
Such step which was unfolded here today, falls in line with the ministry's strategic transformation into digitalization, through incepting a host of platforms to downsize and ease procedures required for Umrah performance.
The platform is of significant importance, for those applicants, who do not have external agents for Umrah performance, in as many as 157 countries.
Ministry's link to the new website is as follows:
21:28 LOCAL TIME 18:28 GMT