Riyadh Grand Projects, Ambitious Vision Transforming the City into Global Capital 6 Riyadh

Thursday 1440/7/14 - 2019/03/21
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Third Project:
"Sports Boulevard":
The Sports Boulevard extends for 135 Kilometer, across the city of Riyadh, connecting Hanifah valley in the West with Al Sulai Valley in the East. The Sports Boulevard has safe, green pathways for pedestrians along the whole project. Also, there are special routes for professional and amateur cyclists, plus horse riding routes and sites for sports activities which include a sport tower, a high rise building that has courts for different indoor sports.
The Sports Boulevard has 48 green and open space sites covering more than 3.5 sq.km. There will be a desert park of 20,000 sq.km, including event venues, show squares, outdoor museums and movie theaters.
The Sports Boulevard includes eight zones, including, Hanifah Valley zone, Art Zone, Al-Yasen Zone, Recreational Zone, Sports Zone, Environmental Zone, Al Sulai Valley Zone and Sand Dunes Part Zone.
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