Foreign Ministry Official Source: KSA Welcomes USA's Classification of Iranian Revolutionary Guard as A Terrorist Organization

Tuesday 1440/8/4 - 2019/04/09
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Riyadh, April 09, 2019, SPA -- An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's welcome to the United States of America's ' classification of Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.
The source commended the United States decision, considering it as a practical and serious step in the efforts to combat terrorism, adding that the United States decision translates the Kingdom's repeated demands of the international community for the necessity to address terrorism backed by Iran.
The source stressed at the end of its statement the necessity that the international community must take a firm stance to address the role being played by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in undermining the international peace and security.
-- SPA
12:02 LOCAL TIME 09:02 GMT