Humanitarian Measures and Efforts Undertaken by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia During Qatari Crisis

Saturday 1441/1/8 - 2019/09/07
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Riyadh, September 07, 2019, SPA -- The decision to cut off diplomatic and consular relations with Qatar was based on Saudi Arabia's sovereign rights guaranteed by international law and the protection of its national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism, as indicated in UN General Assembly Resolution A / RES / 48/141 on 7/1/1994, paragraph (a) of Article (3) of the Resolution affirmed respecting sovereignty of States, their territorial integrity and their domestic jurisdiction. The Kingdom has taken the decision to boycott as a result of abuses by the authorities in Doha since 1995, like infringing on sovereignty of the Saudi Arabia, embracing terrorist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Da'esh, and Al-Qaeda, and promoting rhetoric and schemes of these groups across their media permanently.
The Kingdom and the rest of the GCC countries exerted tremendous efforts to urge the authority in Doha to abide by its commitments and agreements, but Qatar has consistently reneged on its international obligations and did not abide by its commitments signed in the Riyadh Agreement in 2013. After the three countries exerted their political and diplomatic efforts, because of Qatar Emir's renege on his pledge to stop negative policy, the three countries withdrew ambassadors but return them again after the Qatari authorities signed the supplementary agreement in 2014.
Qatar renege on the agreements it signed under the umbrella of the GCC states, worked to divide the Saudi society, infringe on Saudi sovereignty, and embrace multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region, leading the four countries to take a decision to protect their national security.
Regardless of the hostile practices perpetrated by the authorities in Doha, the Kingdom will continue to support the Qatari people and support their security and stability. In this regard, the Kingdom has taken the necessary measures to address the humanitarian cases of Saudis and Qatari people affected by this decision, most notably the issuance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Order No. 43522 dated 21/9/1438 AH, to form a committee to take into account the humanitarian cases of joint families headed by the Ministry of Interior and membership of the competent authorities. The Ministry of Interior has officially announced telephone numbers for receiving and processing timely reports of these cases.
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