Humanitarian Measures and Efforts Undertaken by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia During Qatari Crisis 2 Riyadh

Saturday 1441/1/8 - 2019/09/07
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Basic rules of government in Saudi Arabia include in articles (26), (39) and (43) that the state protects human rights, in accordance with Islamic law, and that the media and publishing and all means of expression adhere to the good word and state regulations, and contribute to educating the nation and support its unity and prohibits what leads to sedition, division, or threats to state security and public relations, or offends human dignity and rights.
Regarding the alleged criminalization of sympathy for Qatar, including the fact that the Kingdom imposed penalties of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to three million riyals in the case of sympathy for Qatar, this is not true, as the Kingdom's laws guarantee freedom of opinion and expression for every human being, unless there is a violation of public order. This restriction has a legislative basis at the national in accordance with relevant international standards, the most prominent of which is contained in article 29, paragraph 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which stipulates that an individual shall be subject to the exercise of his rights and freedoms. Those restrictions established by law in order to ensure that the rights and freedoms of others are recognized and respected and that the just requirements of public order, public interest and morality are fulfilled. The legal basis for restricting expression is in line with international human rights standards.
Restrictions on freedom of movement and communication:
Hajj and Umrah:
Qatari people are allowed to enter the Kingdom for the purpose of performing Hajj and Umrah. They have been treated positively in recognition of their circumstances such as exemption from the requirement of logging in via the electronic route and obtaining the necessary permits for this purpose, according to the regular mechanisms used to perform Hajj, including: Their association with authorized campaigns and allowing them to enter the Kingdom through the air ports approved to perform Hajj according to the procedures followed with all pilgrims from various countries of the world without exception.
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