Royal Decree on State's General Budget for Fiscal Year 2020 Riyadh 3

Monday 1441/4/12 - 2019/12/09
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The Minister of Finance shall have the right to withdraw from the reserves and to borrow in order to finance the repayment of the origin of the debt or the repayment of the obligatory and explicit government guarantees or the repayment of financial obligations which are not classified as budget's expenditures.
No withdrawal shall be made from the State's general reserve, according to the regular procedures prevailed.
Regarding expenditures disbursed from Emergency Expenses Chapter No. 49 by royal decrees and orders, the Minister of Finance shall be authorized to add them to the budget support allocation.
The Minister of Finance, in coordination with each relevant sector (electricity, water, sanitation, railways and other related sectors), shall have the right to compensate the companies that manage public utilities to cover the difference in the tariff adopted in those sectors through the amounts allocated for this purpose in the budget and to issue the necessary decisions to define these companies.
1- Transfers among chapters, branches and sections of the budget shall be made by a decision by the Minister of Finance.
2- The Minister of Finance shall be authorized to transfer from the actual savings in the appropriations of the State's General Budget's items.
1- If it appeared, during the current fiscal year 2020, that there are previously allocated amounts exeeding the appropriated accreditation, the Minister of Finance, or his deputy, shall be authorized to allow disburse these amounts from the appropriations of the Fiscal Year 2020. If such entitled amounts emerged as a result of an unjustified act, the payment approval request shall be forwarded to the Prime Minister.
2- Regarding amounts due to be paid during previous fiscal years, the bodies shall pay these amounts from the budget's appropriations for the current fiscal year 2020.
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