Senior Ulema Commission temporarily bans Friday prayers and group prayers in mosques, with the exception of the two holy mosques, throughout the day

Tuesday 1441/7/22 - 2020/03/17
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Riyadh, March 17, 2020, SPA -- After having been informed of the fast speed of the spread of Coronavirus throughout the world, including the health authorities reports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Senior Ulema Commission instructed suspending the performance of Friday prayers and group prayers in small and grand mosques throughout the day in the Kingdom, with the exception of the two holy mosques.
In its 25th extraordinary meeting held in Riyadh today, the Commission, lauded the precautionary measures taken by almost all government and private sector agencies to curb the spread of the disease for the safety of the public.
Citing verses of the holy Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in events of facing the spread of epidemics, the Commission said no worship gathering in mosques from today until further notice. Calling for prayers (Azan) on microphones or through loud calling would suffice, with one more notice for listeners to pray at home to be added in the regular Azan, the Commission said, citing a confirmed case during the days of the Prophet (pbuh).
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