The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Royal Saudi Air Defense Intercepts and Destroys Two Ballistic Missiles Launched by the Terrorist Iran-Backed Houthi Militia Toward the Kingdom.

Sunday 1441/8/5 - 2020/03/29
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Riyadh, Mar 28, 2020, SPA -- Statement by the Official Spokesman of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen COL Turki Al-Malki
“At (2323) of Saturday March 28 2020, the Royal Saudi Air Defense intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles launched by the terrorist Iran-backed Houthi militia from (Sa’dah) and (Sana’a) toward civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom
The two ballistic missiles were launched toward (Riyadh) and (Jazan). No casualties, up until the issuance of this release, were recorded. The interception of the missiles resulted in debris scattering on some residential areas in Riyadh and Jazan.
The launch of ballistic missiles by the terrorist Houthi militia and the IRGC at this time reflects the real threat of this terrorist militia and the Iranian regime sponsoring it. This villainous attack does not target the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its nationals and expatriates only, but targets international unity and solidarity, especially under such difficult and bitter conditions in which the world unites in combatting the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. This escalation by the Houthi militia does not reflect its announcement of acceptance of the ceasefire and de-escalation, nor any seriousness in engaging in confidence-building measures and reaching a comprehensive political solution with the Yemeni government to end the coup. It is a continuation of Iran’s strategy of falsification and procrastination to deepen the suffering of brotherly people of Yemen, and further proof that the Houthi militia is stripped of its will and decision making ability to end this crisis.
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will continue to apply and implement all decisive and deterrent measures to neutralize and destroy such ballistic capabilities to protect civilians as well as regional and international security.”
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