HADAF Urges Private Sector Establishments to Register Saudi Employees in Employment Support Program

Monday 1441/8/27 - 2020/04/20
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Riyadh, April 20, 2020, SPA -- The Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) has urged private sector establishments to quickly register their Saudi employees in the Employment Support Program who were employed on July 1, 2019, retroactively, as well as for any new or future employment, through the National Labor Gateway (TAQAT) at the following link: https://www.taqat.sa/web/guestemployer/employment-subsidy-program
The Employment Support Program is part of government support initiatives to empower establishments and ensure their stability and business development in light of the current exceptional economic situations and the impacts of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The Program also supports the wages of Saudis who were employed in various private sector establishments starting from 30% to 50% of the employees' monthly wages for two years, provided that the employees' wages range between SR 4000 and 15,000.
Establishments get 10% additional support when employing women, persons with disabilities, employing in non-major cities, and in small and medium enterprises for each of the categories mentioned, provided that the maximum support does not exceed 50% of the employee's monthly wage, or SR 3000, whichever less.
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