Health Ministry Accredits Dexamethasone within Treatment Protocol of COVID-19 Patients

Wednesday 1441/10/25 - 2020/06/17
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Riyadh, June 17, 2020, SPA -- The Ministry of Health announced today that Dexamethasone, which is a medicine among the Cortisone family, is accredited to be within the treatment protocol of the COVID-19 patients.
The ministry began to give this medicine to inpatients who need oxygen in the intensive care units at the hospitals.
The Health Ministry pointed out that currently study discloses that Dexamethasone reduces 35% of the COVID-19 deaths with regard to inpatients who use ventilators in the ICUs, adding that this medicine also reduces deaths about 20% for patients who need oxygen and don’t need ventilators.
The ministry affirmed that it always updates the treatment protocol of the COVID-19 patients.
17:38 LOCAL TIME 14:38 GMT