Head of Ulemas, Islamic Affairs Higher Council, in Brazil, Disapproves Terrorist Houthi Aggressions, targeting Saudi Arabia

Sunday 1441/11/14 - 2020/07/05
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Riyadh, Jul 5, 2020, SPA -- President of the Ulemas and Islamic Affairs' Higher Council, in Brazil, Sheikh Dr. Abdulhamid Mitwali disapproved and denounced continuation of cowardly terrorist aggressions committed by the Iranian-backed putschist Houthi militias, against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's territories, especially targeting the civilians, through launching bobby-trapped drones, the latest which was 4 drones launched on Friday.
He made it clear that such terrorist aggressions are reflecting the crazy and hysteria that haunting the gangs of Houthi, who are leading with their attacks backed by their Iranians allies, in regardless of wartime rules and world recognized principles of peace.
21:05 LOCAL TIME 18:05 GMT