Fiji Muslim League: Saudi Arabia's Decision on Hajj Takes into Account Achieving Pilgrimage Goals, without Interrupting it

Tuesday 1441/11/16 - 2020/07/07
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Riyadh, July 7, 2020, SPA -- Secretary General of Fiji Muslim League Sheikh Sayed Hussein lauded the wise decision taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to hold the Hajj of this year, with a limited number of citizens and residents, in order to maintain the safety of pilgrims.
He pointed out that the decision, while fulfilling the goals of Hajj, is also avoiding interrupting it, regarding Coronavirus pandemic killing of more than half million, around the world, and expressing solidarity and full confidence in the measures taken, as they took place to reflect the keenness of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the pilgrims as well as to save them from the spread of Coronavirus.
16:47 LOCAL TIME 13:47 GMT