Saudi Summer to Unveil the Most Famous Tourist Sites 3

Monday 1441/12/13 - 2020/08/03
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Taif had the biggest share of Saudi domestic tourism. The city was titled “City of Roses” and “Bride of Resorts” for its summer temperate climate.
Taif is known for touristic attractions like museums, parks, local markets, and farms of fruits & aromatic flowers/roses. In addition, cultural centers like Souk Okaz, which is one of the key oldest markets where artists, poets and intellectuals gather.
The city has many landmarks like Shubra Palace that is part of Taif Regional Museum and Telefric Al Hada, which goes up to Al Hada Mountain and down to Alkar village resort.
Visitors enjoy the historical, economic and cultural heritage of the Eastern region where Dammam is the capital city, the hub of cultural landmarks and oil & gas industry. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is a cultural destination for arts, science, arts and innovation. It is recommended to spend a day at the Center to enjoy its library, theater, cinema, museums, galleries, Idea Lab and workshop venues.
Tourists can also visit Dammam's local village to have a full experience of the Saudi life.
Al-Ahsa city in eastern of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is known for spectacular green scenery listed in UNESCO. The city also has one of the largest oases worldwide and historical sites that go back to Stone Age.
The Calcic Continent Hills, which is 200 meters above sea level, overlook astonishing scenery of the neighboring area. You can also take a tour inside the cave maze and passages dug through the rocks.
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