Saudi Summer to Unveil the Most Famous Tourist Sites 4

Monday 1441/12/13 - 2020/08/03
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Al-Ahsa also has Jawatha Mosque (built in 7th AH) and Ibrahim Palace (built in 1st Saudi State), the latter has Quba mosque and a museum with diverse artifacts and paintings.
Asir region is located among the southern mountains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Visitors may take a tour to see the beauty of Abha, the capital city of the region. Visitors may also enjoy the local historical sites and the highest summit in Arabian Peninsula in Al Soudah Park. The summit is over 3000 meters height, while the park is naturally gorgeous with vast green scenery where it rains the most in Asir, with a dense forest of Juniper trees.
It also provided the park with hanging cars "cable cars" to reach its visitors to Al-Aws Park with Rijal Almaa, where there is the museum, heritage library and archaeological palaces.
Al-Baha region is a historical museum open to the top of a mountain of white rocks, dating back more than 400 years, and includes Raghadan Forest Park, which is a rugged natural area qualified to become one of the most important tourist attractions in the area, it connects to the village of Dhi Ain through winding roads and valleys.
One of its famous landmarks is the village of Shada, which is located halfway to the summit of Jabal Ibrahim, and features scenic landscapes between the highlands, green cliffs and valleys of the Sarawat Mountains.
The coasts of Tabuk and Jizan, and the coasts of Yanbu, Rabigh and Jubail, compete to project a distinctive picture of tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
"Breathe the spirit of Saudi Arabia", the most beautiful title to spend most enjoyable times, and get acquainted with the ancient Kingdom’s treasures, ancient civilizations, rich heritage, and diverse culture, which narrates the history of the Arabian Peninsula.
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