Jazan Civil Defense: Military Projectile Launched by Iranian-Backed Terrorist Al-Houthi Militia Falls Near Al-Harth General Hospital With No Losses

Friday 1442/5/3 - 2020/12/18
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Jizan, Dec 18, 2020, SPA -- The media spokesman for the Civil Defense Directorate in Jazan region, Colonel Mohammed bin Yahiya Al-Ghamdi, has stated that the Civil Defense was notified on the fall of three military projectiles launched by the Iranian-backed Al-Houthi terrorist militia from inside Yemen towards Al-Harth governorate in Jazan region.
He further said that one of the three military projectiles fell into an open area at a distance of (197) meters away from Al-Harth General Hospital, while the other two projectiles fell into another open area with no casualties or damages.
Procedures adopted in such cases have been immediately implemented, Colonel Al-Ghamdi said.
22:47 LOCAL TIME 19:47 GMT