SEC Introduces Investment Opportunities for Electrical Industries with Japanese Companies

Wednesday 1442/7/19 - 2021/03/03
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Riyadh, March 3, 2021, SPA -- Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has confirmed that supporting and enhancing the local content in the electrical industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the top priority of its goals and aspiration.
SEC said that, as part of its strategy, it has started a number of initiatives and programs to enhance the localization in electrical industries that target transferring new technologies into Saudi Arabia.
This was during the webinar held by the Company, on Tuesday, in cooperation with the Ministry of Investment, and in coordination with the Japanese Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME). Business Development Analyst at Saudi Electricity Company Eng. Mohanad Al-Maliki introduced SEC's paper entitled "Localization Program "BENA" and Qualification Process at SEC", as it presented a group of opportunities in the electrical and the services industry, with a group of Japanese companies, in the presence of a group of investors and interested people.
SEC said, during the webinar, that specialists introduced the opportunities for electrical industries as well as the registration and qualification process, and highlighted the local content program "BENA" to Employ National
Abilities", the goals that Saudi Electricity aspires to achieve, and the initiatives that have contributed to the localization of electrical equipment and industries.
The webinar aims to enhance the SEC's supply chains and attract foreign investments through the localization of industry, services, and new technologies.
SEC introduced more than 250 investment opportunities for electrical industries and 86 opportunities in the services, in which investors and businessmen can invest with the SEC providing a competitive advantage, up to 10% to encourage and support local investors in enhancing the local content of the electrical industries
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