Forty-four Government Agencies Participate in Saudi Arabia's WTO 3rd Trade Policy Review

Wednesday 1442/7/19 - 2021/03/03
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Riyadh, Mar. 03, 2021, SPA -- Governor of the General Authority of Foreign Trade Abdurrahman bin Ahmed Al-Harbi headed the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the 3rd Trade Policy Review meeting at the World Trade Organization (WTO), in which representatives of 44 government agencies are taking part.
The third review of the trade policies and practices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes place virtually on 3rd of March through 5th March 2021 due to the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.
Through the procedures and stages of the third trade policy review, the Kingdom has demonstrated its adherence to implementing the rules and agreements of WTO, stressing its commitment to enabling access to markets for goods and services, as reviewing policies represents an opportunity to review the great progress that the Kingdom has made in light of its Vision 2030 in the field of development and economic diversification.
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