Ministry of Defense: The Act of Vandalism Against Jazan’s Petroleum Products Distribution Terminal, The Attempt To Target Civilians, Civilian Objects Confirm Terrorist Houthi Militia’s Rejection of Kingdom’s Peace Initiative, Reaffirm Iran’s Control Of Militia’s Political, Military Decisions.

Friday 1442/8/13 - 2021/03/26
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Riyadh, March 26, 2021 , SPA -- Statement by the Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki.
“The terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia’s attempt to target Jazan’s petroleum products distribution terminal Thursday evening (25 March 2021) is a cowardly act of vandalism, which does not target the Kingdom and its economic installations, in fact it targets the core of global economy, the security of oil exports and stability of petroleum supplies, as well as the security of maritime navigation and international trade. It clearly demonstrates as well the utter disregard of the terrorist militia to the ecological and economic consequences of this act of vandalism.
The Royal Saudi Air Defense and the Royal Saudi Air Force have intercepted and destroyed (8) bomb-laden UAVs launched by the Houthi militia in a deliberate, systematic manner to target civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom in a flagrant violation of the customary International Humanitarian Law.
The Houthi militia has as well launched (3) ballistic missiles toward the Kingdom. One of which fell short in Al-Jawf governorate after its launch from Sana’a, and the remaining two fell in two uninhabited border areas.
These violations confirm the rejection of the terrorist militia of all political efforts to resolve the Yemeni crisis, specifically following the announcement of the Kingdom’s initiative to end the crisis and reach a comprehensive political solution. They as well reaffirm Iran’s control over the militia’s political and military decisions, through which it achieves its vandalistic agenda to spread chaos and undermine regional and international security.
The Ministry of Defense will undertake all necessary, deterrent measures to safeguard its national assets in a manner that preserves the security of global energy, and puts an end to these assaults; in order to guarantee the security and stability of energy supplies and petroleum exports, and safeguard civilians and civilian objects”
-- SPA
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