Arab League Welcomes Resumption of Diplomatic Relations between Somalia and Kenya

Friday 1442/9/25 - 2021/05/07
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Cairo, May 07, 2021, SPA -- The Arab League welcomed the announcement of resumption of the diplomatic relations between Somalia and Kenya and the work to restore the bridges of friendship and cooperation between the two countries in the context of the principles of good neighborliness and mutual respect.
In a statement issued today, the Arab League valued all efforts and endeavors that have been exerted to restore relations between Somalia and Kenya, the latest of which are the efforts exerted by Qatar, which led to the announcement of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two sides.
The statement called on the Somali and Kenyan governments to continue working towards full normalization of relations between the two countries in a way that achieves their common interests and contributes to enhancing security and stability in the region.
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