Saudi Music Commission Dedicates Patriotic Song to Green Falcons

Tuesday 1442/11/5 - 2021/06/15
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Riyadh, June 15, 2021, SPA -- The Music Commission dedicated a patriotic song to the first Saudi national football team to encourage players during the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification process.
It will be performed during a musical event held before and during their match against Uzbekistan on Tuesday at Mrsool Park Stadium in Riyadh.
The commission has produced the song, performed by the Saudi artist Ayed Youssef, written by Saudi poet Ahmed Alawi and composed by Rakan, in a bit to create an encouraging atmosphere during the match, arouse fans' enthusiasm, and praise the team’s achievements and talents.
The lyrics included verses highlighting the close and long-established relation between culture and sports.
The Music Commission has allocated a stage on the thresholds of the VIP areas of MRSOOL Park Stadium for a musical band to perform before the start of the match and during halftime.
The first part will feature the young artist Mohammed Alshdoukhi, followed by Ayed Youssef during halftime. The two artists will perform their patriotic songs with original melodies combining Saudi folklore and contemporary art.
The commission will also give away scarves to the fans in the stadium, containing the logos of the Music Commission, the Arabic Calligraphy Initiative, and the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, in addition to other Saudi cultural elements.
The participation of the Music Commission stems from its keenness to interact with national events and present music in a cultural mold, serving the national heritage and enhancing the interrelationship between arts and culture with all social fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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