Saudi Arabia takes part in the closing of the high-level political forum 2021

Saturday 1442/12/7 - 2021/07/17
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Riyadh, July 16, 2021, SPA -- Minister of Economy and Planning Faisal bin Fadhel Al-Ibrahim, led the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's delegation to the closing session of the nine-day high-level political forum which was held yesterday. The meeting which is in charge of the objectives of the sustainable development and following up and accelerating the progress achieved in its plans for 2030 was held under the theme ' sustainable and flexible recovery from coronavirus COVID-19.
In this regard, the Kingdom's delegation, consisting of governmental agencies, private sector and non-profit organizations, presented the country's local efforts to combat the pandemic. In the economic aspect, the delegation cast light on Saudi Araba's initiatives to alleviate the financial and economical impacts of the disease while in the environmental side, the delegation highlighted the Kingdom's Saudi green and Middle East green initiatives.
Addressing the meeting, Al-Ibrahim called on the world community to work together to intensify efforts and joint work to reach new strides of stability in all social, environmental and economic aspects, noting that only nine years are separating us from the deadline of our commitments to achieve the objectives of the sustainable development in 2030.
Saudi Arabia's economy was challenged during the pandemic with falling oil prices and widening of financial deficit in 2020 to %11.3 out of the GDP but, the Kingdom's authorities decisions and initiatives as well as support measures for the private sector enterprises and protection of jobs in the public and private sectors have considerably contributed to preserving the stability of the economy of the Kingdom, the Minister said, citing the IMF's report of Article 4 consultations for 2021.
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