Saudi Arabia Joins International Community in Celebrating World Heart Day

Tuesday 1443/2/21 - 2021/09/28
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Jeddah, Sep. 28, 2021, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joins the international community in celebrating the World Heart Day that is held this year under the theme “Psychological fitness and the health of your heart”. The event is annually celebrated on September 29 with the aim of following a healthy lifestyle, adopting healthy food habits, contributing to adopting plans necessary to limit smoking rates to reduce the risk of heart cancer and reducing the rate of the spread of the blood pressure at the international level.
For its part, the Ministry of Health enriched the awareness aspects of dangers of heart diseases, which are considered the main and first cause for deaths around the world with a percentage of 31 per cent of the global deaths, noting that there is a chance to prevent most of the heart and blood vessel diseases through controlling behavioral risk factors, such as smoking, unhealthy diets, obesity and physical inactivity.
The Ministry, through its platform, focused on broadcasting medical advice and instructions related to how to deal with heart diseases, their causes and prevention methods, such as practicing sports for at least 30 minutes per day due to its importance in reducing the risk of having heart diseases, in addition to coordination with public and private health, educational and social sector to spread the culture of prevention of heart diseases and reducing its spread in the society.
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