The Kingdom Declares that it will not incur responsibility regarding any shortage of oil supply as its oil facilities are attacked by Houthi terrorist militias

Monday 1443/8/18 - 2022/03/21
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Riyadh, March 21, 2022, SPA -- An official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declares that it will not incur any responsibility for any shortage in oil supplies to global markets in light of the attacks on its oil facilities from the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias.
The Kingdom stresses the importance of the international community realizing the gravity of Iran’s continued behavior of equiping the terrorist Houthi militias with the technology of the ballistic missiles, and advanced UAVs with which they target the Kingdom’s production sites of oil, gas and refined products, resulting in serious consequences for upstream and downstream sectors affecting the Kingdom’s production capability and it's ability to fulfill its commitments, undermining without a doubt, the security and sustainability of energy supplies to global markets.
The official source highlighted the importance of the International community undertaking its responsibility to preserve the energy supplies and stand firm against the Iranian- backed Houthi terrorist militias, deterring their malicious attacks that represents direct threat to the security of oil supplies in these extremely sensitive circumstances witnessed by the global energy markets.
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