Yacht Club Marina Attracts Visitors to Jeddah Season by Int'l Cuisine

Sunday 1443/10/28 - 2022/05/29
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Jeddah, May 29, 2022, SPA -- The Yacht Club Marina zone is very popular with Jeddah Season visitors to enjoy the exciting and varied shows that are presented daily to them, in addition to the luxury of the location and the variety of options for international cuisine restaurants and cafes there with its wonderful views of the sea and Jeddah front water.
Throughout the week, the zone receives many visitors who love international food and quiet seating areas, as well as live and various shows, where the marina receives its visitors daily with shows of a huge guitarist, a luminous piano with ballet shows, a glass player and a cello player inside a luminous crystal as well as the show of the most popular violinist and saxophone player on the marina and the first of its kind night water theatrical show, in addition to a number of other shows presented at Marina Theatre.
The Yacht Club Marina offers many options for luxury restaurants and cafes, and a variety of stores for fashion, perfumes, gifts and accessories from the most famous world brands, and every day attracts many families of different nationalities in an atmosphere of joy, luxury and magnificent views.
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