Interior Ministry Lifts Precautionary and Preventive Measures Related to Combating Coronavirus Pandemic

Monday 1443/11/14 - 2022/06/13
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Riyadh, June 13, 2022, SPA -- An Interior Ministry official source stated that, based on the follow-up to the epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, the competent health authorities' recommendations, the gains achieved in combating the pandemic, the unlimited support of the Saudi leadership, and the concerted effective national efforts, and progress in the national vaccination program and the high rates of immunization and immunity against the virus in the community, it has been decided to lift the precautionary and preventive measures related to combating the Coronavirus pandemic, as per the following:
First: Not requiring masks to be worn in closed places, except the Grand Holy Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, and places for which protocols are issued by the Public Health Authority “Weqaya”, or the facilities, activities, events, and means of public transportation that wish to apply higher levels of protection by maintaining the condition of wearing masks for entry, while continuing to raise awareness and urging the public to continue wearing masks.
Second: Immunization and health verification via "Tawakkalna" are no longer required to enter facilities, activities, events, board planes, and public transportation, except for those whose nature requires immunization or continuing to verify health status per the Public Health Authority “Weqaya”, or facilities, activities, events, and means of transportation that wish to implement higher levels of protection by continuing to require immunization or to verify the health status before entry into their facilities.
Third: The duration of the requirement to take the (third) booster dose of the (Covid-19) vaccine for citizens who wish to travel abroad is (eight) months instead of (three) months from receiving the second dose, except for age groups specified or excluded by the Health Ministry and as per their status in the Tawakkalna application.
The source stressed the importance of maintaining the implementation of the national plan for immunization, including taking the approved booster doses of the vaccine, adding that the aforementioned measures are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, per the developments of the epidemiological situation.
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