SPA monitors efforts of all sectors to receive pilgrims

Wednesday 1443/12/7 - 2022/07/06
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Mina, July 06, 2022, SPA -- The public and private agencies in the Kingdom continue their efforts to serve pilgrims during the Hajj season for this year 1443 AH, through highly qualified human cadres and projects aiming to provide a safe and reassuring atmosphere for visitors to the holy sites.
The Kingdom’s government is keen to provide services to pilgrims in the Two Holy Mosques and the holy sites, improve the performance of the authorities in an integrated manner, and develop their works to fulfill their hopeful roles by activating the operational plans of the authorities in order to facilitate the pilgrims coming from different countries of the world to ensure the performance of their rituals in peace and a manner that ensures the outstanding success of the Hajj season.
The working bodies of the various agencies operating in the Hajj system from the public and private sectors have mobilized their integrated efforts, under the directives and support of the wise leadership, which contribute to providing all the necessary capabilities and creating a system of health, security and technical services for pilgrims to perform their rituals easily, safely, and securely.
The cameras of Saudi Press Agency (SPA) monitored what is embodied by the various sectors of intense solidarity and harmony in order to provide distinguished quality services that meet the desires of the different spectrums of pilgrims, while its monitoring media highlight these efforts in a bright image that tells the principle of human solidarity urged by the Islamic religion and embodied in the Kingdom's citizens.
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