Decorated with More than "280" Kgs of Gold.. the Door of Holy Kaaba is a Witness to the Care of the Country's Rulers

Thursday 1444/1/13 - 2022/08/11
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Makkah, August 11, 2022, SPA -- The Saudi leadership is keen to provide all means of comfort and care for the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors in various fields. Evidence of this interest is the care and attention given to the Holy Kaaba by its clothing, perfume, washing, and other aspects that reflect the keenness of the rulers in all that is concerned with the Qibla of Muslims.
In 1363 AH, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud ordered the construction of a new door for the Kaaba, after he learned that the existing door at that time was aging and had taken a turn for the worse. It took three years to finish preparing the new door, which was made of an iron base on which the shutter of the door was installed from Javanese wood, laminated with silver, coated with gold, and the door was decorated with the names of Allah. The new door continued to be in service until the year 1397 AH when King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz ordered the construction of a new door for the Kaaba, which is still in existence today.
The decision to construct a new door and replace the previous one was made after the King had noticed that the old one was aging and was no longer suitable for the Kaaba. Hence, King Khaled ordered replacing the old door with a new one made of pure gold, in addition to the door of Taubah "repentance" which is located inside the Holy Kaaba and leads to its roof.
The cost of the two doors amounted to SR13.420 million, excluding the cost of 280kgs of 999.9% gold, and it took twelve months (from the beginning of Dhu al-Hijjah in 1398 AH) for the two doors to be completely manufactured.
The door, which is decorated with special fonts and Islamic decorations in a unique manner that reflects its significance and inscription of verses from the holy Quran on the door, is located on the eastern side of the Kaaba, and raises 222cm above the ground, with (318 cm) length, (171 cm) width, and about half a meter in depth.
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