Islamic Solidarity Summit starts in Makkah 2

الأربعاء 1433/9/27 هـ الموافق 2012/08/15 م واس
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Following recitation of excerpts of verses of the holy Quran, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud delivered the following speech:
"In the name of God, most gracious most merciful
Prayer and Peace be upon the God's Prophet and his family and all his companions
Dear brothers
God's Peace, Mercy and Blessing be Upon You
From the vicinity of the House of God, the cradle of eternal Islamic message, it gives me a great pleasure to welcome you in your second country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, wishing Allah Almighty in these blessed nights to help us to tackle the affairs of our Islamic nation and probe the reasons of its weakness and differences that it is incurring and which marred its consistency and unity.
Dear Brothers
The Islamic nation is currently living in a state of sedition and disunity that led to bloodshed of its people in this holy month in many parts of our Islamic world, ignoring God's verse that "Persecution is worse than slaughter".
Dear Brothers
The ideal solution of all what I have mentioned will not take place except through solidarity, tolerance and moderation and also through standing side by side to face whoever tries to harm our religion and unity. Thus, we could, by God willing, preserve the history, dignity and pride of our Islamic nation at time where only the superpowers are recognized. If we observed justice, then we could conquer injustice, if we practiced moderation, then we conquer extremism and if we reject dispersion, then we could keep our unity, strength and determination, by God willing.
Dear Brothers
I appeal to you in the name of Allah Almighty that we assume responsibility as much as possible, to become eligible to shoulder it and to observe right as per God's saying "If ye will help (the cause of) Allah He will help you, and plant your feet firmly".
Emanating from this, I suggest hereby the establishment of a center for dialogue among Islamic sects to come to common terms, in the city of Riyadh as its headquarters and, upon recommendation by the General Secretariat and the Ministerial Council, its members be selected from within the Islamic summit conference.
Let me appeal to Allah Almighty to help us stick firmly to our religion and keep the unity and dignity of this nation.
God's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be Upon You".
13:27 LOCAL TIME 10:27 GMT