Saudi Arabia Condemns the Israeli Assaults on Gaza Strip

Saturday 1434/1/3 - 2012/11/17
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Cairo, Muharram 3, 1434, Nov 17, 2012, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed its condemnation of the Israeli assaults on the Gaza Strip and called for a stronger and more united Arab stance in the face of the Israeli occupation practices.
In his speech before the extraordinary meeting of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level held here today, the Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Nizar bin Obaid Madani said "It is no longer reasonable or acceptable to pass this new aggression unpunished and that Arab stances earlier which did not exceed words and sought, in vain, binding decisions of the Security Council made Israel careless of observing the Arab and international community's demands."
The minister said "The Kingdom sees that it is time for the Palestinians to enjoy, like other peoples of the world, peace and security and to have a homeland free of violence, killing and destruction."
Dr. Nizar Madani called to ask the Security Council to be tougher this time and to assume its responsibilities to compel "Israel" immediately to stop its assault on the innocent people trapped in Gaza, accusing the Israeli occupation government alone the full responsibility for this deterioration.
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