Austrian Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Vienna

الأحد 1434/5/5 هـ الموافق 2013/03/17 م واس
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Vienna, Jumada I 5, 1434, Mar 17, 2013, SPA - An Austria Airlines flight from London made an emergency landing at its destination of Vienna due to a problem with the aircraft's hydraulic system, a spokeswoman for the airline reported Sunday.
The Airbus A321 was controllable at all times, said Patricia Strampfer with Austria Airlines, adding that it landed normally Saturday night.
The pilot of Flight OS 462 requested an earlier-than-scheduled landing as a precautionary measure, she said. All 92 passengers and crew were able to exit the plane as normal, according to a report of DPA.
13:22 LOCAL TIME 10:22 GMT