Russia's Continuous Support for the Syrian Regime Strange, Astonishing

السبت 1435/4/29 هـ الموافق 2014/03/01 م واس
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Riyadh, Rabi'II 28, 1435, Feb 28, 2014, SPA -- An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed strangeness and astonishment at the remarks made by the Press and Information Section, at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued on Tuesday Feb. 25, 2014, in which it inserted the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in an attempt to manipulate facts and blame the Kingdom for taking the side of the Syrian people, against the heinous aggression it faces by the Syrian oppressing regime, which did not restrain of using ultimate military harness made for wars, such as tanks, canons and warplanes, or even the use of internationally prohibited and criminalized chemical weapons, in a flagrant violation of all humanitarian and international norms and charters.
In the light of the compelling and conspicuous facts, what is raising strangeness and astonishment is the continuation of Russia's support for the criminal regime, despite the regime's attempts to foil the political solution made by Geneva 2, to deviate it of its path and its objectives aiming at forming a transitional body to put an end to the Syrian crisis, the source added.
This ongoing support was and still is a main reason to encourage Damascus regime to lead, adamantly, with its deviation and tyranny, and thus keeping the Syrian crisis enkindled for the third year in a row without even a glimpse of hope to solve it or to end one of the biggest crises and human sufferings recorded in the contemporary history, he stated.
Due to the disappointment against the international failure to solve the crisis, the support of Russia for the Syrian regime is raising a lot of questions and no doubt Russia has lost a great portion of other Arab peoples' sympathy, who feel the grudge of betrayal, he concluded
-- SPA
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