Arab League Dubs Israeli Massacre in Shuja’iyya ‘War Crime’

الأحد 1435/9/23 هـ الموافق 2014/07/20 م واس
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CAIRO, Ramadan 23, 1435, Jul 20, 2014, SPA -- Secretary General of the League of Arab State Nabil Al-Arabi said in a statement Sunday that the Israeli massacre in the Gaza neighborhood of Shuja’iyya is a war crime against innocent Palestinians and a dangerous escalation of the situation.
According to WAFA, Al-Arabi called for an immediate cessation to the Israeli massacre and ‘barbarous ground incursion’ that is taking place in Shuja’iyya in addition to the ongoing bombardment across Gaza.
He called to provide the necessary protection to the Palestinian civilians, holding Israel fully responsible for this ‘hideous crime’ which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent Palestinians.

17:43 LOCAL TIME 14:43 GMT