Foreign Minister: the Kingdom Will Not Hesitate to Participate in any International Serious Effort for Combating Terrorism 4 New York

الثلاثاء 1435/11/28 هـ الموافق 2014/09/23 م واس
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"Today we are facing a very dangerous situation as terrorism has turned from cells into armies and from hiding into hotbeds to have shelters in countries and misusing their capacities. It has formed a dangerous cordon engulfing Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Before these dangerous facts, we are required to take the most firm and fateful policies and decisions to combat this vicious attack with all the possible serious and rapid move, taking into account the elements of time and the consequences of inaction. Emanating from this standpoint, we suggest that the war on terrorism should be comprehensive in accordance with a clear strategy supported by executive plan that would achieve the aims of this confrontation with all its military, security, economy and intellectual aspects. We have also to take into consideration that the war on terrorism requires a hard and constant work which may last for years and should not stop at achieving partial victories against specific organizations. Instead, we have proceed to eliminate all terrorist organizations wherever they are and whatever their motives in order to save humanity from this abhorred evil and preserve legitimate human rights of enjoying living with dignity, security and peace," Prince Al-Faisal added.
"To conclude, I would like to say that our meeting is to discuss three main topics. I think that it's important to add these topics to what has been discussed previously and what will be discussed in the future in order to form a comprehensive strategy to combat all aspects of terrorism. I propose that the International Centre for Counter-terrorism be provided with the recommendations of this forum to enable all of us to put them into force in a more wider form in collaboration with all member states of the United Nations including the non-member countries of this forum so that they set up a tributary of the international effort to combat terrorism," the minister of foreign affairs concluded.

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