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الاثنين 1436/6/3 هـ الموافق 2015/03/23 م واس
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Minister of Foreign Affairs Stresses Depth of Historical and Strong Relations between Saudi Arabia and Britain 2

Prince Saud Al-Faisal: "We reviewed efforts of Group 5+1 and its negotiations to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis through peaceful means and work to guarantee that this program is not transformed into a nuclear weapon threatening the security of the region and the world, particularly in light of the aggressive policies pursued by Iran in the region and ongoing interventions in the affairs of the Arab countries and its endeavors to stir up sectarian conflict."
"I suggested to His Excellency that the solution of the issue of Iran's nuclear weapons are possible through a proposal of the Arab League aiming at making the Arabian Gulf Region and the Middle East a zone free of weapons of mass destruction. It is not possible to grant Iran deals which it does not deserve in contrast," the Minister of Foreign Affairs added.
"Our discussions also addressed our joint efforts within the international coalition to fight terrorist ISIS which confirms, day after another, that it is nothing more than a form of cross-border and continents terrorism which requires us to fight it relentlessly in accordance with a clear strategy, specific targets, influential capabilities and a collective spirit to combat this terrorist organization in order to protect the world of its risks and uproot from its roots," Prince Saud added.
Prince Saud Al-Faisal said: "Regarding the Syrian tragedy, there is an international consensus that the principles of "the Geneva 1 Declaration" are represented a peaceful solution of the crisis through formation of a transitional body to rule with full powers to manage the state affairs in various political, security and military fields and with broad participation of all Syrian political, religious and ethnic elements. But Bashar Al-Assad and every one whose hands stained with the blood of Syrian people would not have any current or future role in this arrangement. Based on the Kingdom's view in order to achieve this target, it is important to support moderate opposition militarily to carry out balance on the ground."
The Minister of Foreign Affairs added: "We also discussed the latest developments of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Kingdom considered the Prime Minister the Zionist entity's statements and commitments regarding not establishment of the Palestinian state in his era as a flagrant challenge to the international will and principles of its legitimacy, resolutions and agreements. In this regard, the international community should fulfill its responsibilities towards this aggressive policies if we really want to reach a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to the conflict, restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and establishment of an independent and viable state."

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