Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in today's briefing, that the Coalition forces is continuing for the eighth day in a row to complete the demolition of Houthi militia might 4 Riyadh

Thursday 1436/6/13 - 2015/04/02
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Answering reporters’ questions, the Coalition Spokesman Brig. Gen. Asiri commented on the situation, in Aden during the last 24 hours, as Houthis managed to enter its downtown, pointing that since the coup that toppled the legitimate government and the beginning of the military warfare, Houthis were controlling most of the Yemeni cities, Aden among, and that they were sending forces, from time to time, into the city, in addition to Yemeni Army soldiers who joined the Houthis as they were positioned, inside the city, even before the start of the warfare.
Coming to the movements inside the city, he said Houthis pockets try to achieve a media showy victory by planting disorderly situation inside in the city and pretending that they are controlling the city, while the fact is that they are not controlling but a swath that is no more than one or two quarters, pointing that the pro-people's committees are trying to stop Houthi movements aiming at capturing official buildings and declaring themselves, triumphant, from there.
The Coalition controls, now, the suburbs of Aden city to prevent these pockets, inside the city, off their supply lines of support or back-up, he asserted, adding that the situation inside the city is, relatively, calm, unless some sporadic skirmishes taking place between the resistance and Houthis.
Coalition forces spare no effort to restore the situation in the city to normalcy, following, finally, doing away with the Houthi militia, he announced.
On the need to deploy land forces or just, only, depend on airstrikes, Asiri pointed out that all probabilities, reiterating that Coalition forces are committed to their previously drawn plans, indicating that these forces are not moving in reaction rather pro-actively, as set by the military plans.
Militias of the Houthis do not move likewise a regular army, as it used to resort to mobilizing small groups, only, while we do not like to engage such battles that may distract us off our military plan, he confirmed, concluding that the plan strictly goes on as, previously, set and drawn.
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