Spokesman of the Interior Ministry: Two Soldiers Fall Martyr

Friday 1436/6/14 - 2015/04/03
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Riyadh, Jumada II 14, 1436, Apr 3, 2015, SPA -- The Security spokesman of the Interior Ministry said that at four o'clock in the evening of Friday, 14/06/1436H and as the border guard were performing their duties at one of the border control outposts in Alhosn center of Asir region, they were exposed to heavy fire from an opposite mountainous area inside the Yemeni border, necessitating a reply in kind to the source of fire and a need to control of the situation with the support of ground forces.
The exchange of fire resulted in the martyrdom of First Private Mohammed bin Hamoud bin Mohammed Al-Harbi and Private Abdurrahman bin Meeri bin Mohammed Al-Qahtani.

22:55 LOCAL TIME 19:55 GMT