Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in today's briefing, that the Coalition forces provide logistical support to the People's Committees in Aden to confront Houthi militias 5 Riyadh

الجمعة 1436/6/14 هـ الموافق 2015/04/03 م واس
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Answering the questions of the reporters, Asiri pointed to the Coalition Forces back-up of the Yemeni media against the Houthi control, he pointed out that militias, following occupying all official channels and government installations have changed their cures and sew disorder, inside, drawing the attention that the goal of the coalition, in this phase, is to restore order as the main demand of the Yemeni common man and to work, in the next phases, on rehabilitating the infrastructures of the Yemeni people, among which is the media outlets.
On the Houthi militias seeking to recruit mercenaries from South Africa to deploy along Saudi border, Brig. Gen. Asiri confirmed that the airspace is under the control of the Coalition Forces and that no aircraft can fly on Yemen as well as the Yemeni coast, he pointed.
However, those who were inside Yemen, before the beginning of the operation, would be considered likewise the Houthis and would consequently be dealt with, reaffirming the safety of the Saudi border due to the endeavors of our sincere sons among the our land forces and their colleagues, in the other forces.
Commenting on the news item that the former deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh possesses chemical weapons hidden in Sana'a, to be used against the Yemeni people, Asiri explained that such a deposed president is unpredictable man, hence, any behavior can come out of him, in order to preserve personal gains, come what may the outcomes on the Yemeni people, asserting that the coalition forces are taking all possibilities and risks, into consideration, in case such a move takes place it would, immediately, met with proportionate retaliatory response, and we would not permit, Will of God, the deposed president, mutinous soldiers of the Yemeni Army or the Houthi militias, to inflict mischief on the Yemeni people.
On the possibility of People's Committees and those faithful loyalist of the legitimacy, to undertake tasks of the land intervention forces and provide them with arms to fend off the putschists and the rebels, Asiri pointed out that the air campaign is among the comprehensive plan to deal with the Yemeni situation, according to a time-tabled plan, Asiri stressed.
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