Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in today's briefing, that coalition forces disrupt movement of Houthi militias, attack bases and sites that were dug in 3 Riyadh

Monday 1436/7/1 - 2015/04/20
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Brigadier Geneal Asiri confirmed that coalation forces are tageting military vehicles and equipment to prevent the militias from taking advantage of them and targeting farms and housing areas that have become sites to store ammunition and equipment and operation planning centers; in addition to targeting the Saada region in northern Yemen. He pointed out the targeting of command centers in one hotel that the militias have used as a residential and command center for their elements, as well as military vehicles which were assembled in centers of one brigade.

He said that according to available information to the coalition forces, the militias were planing to carry out a certain action toward the Saudi borders, and therefore the coalition forces disabled bridges or rafts that help the movement in order to prevent these militias from moving toward the Saudi borders.

He said that the coalition forces tageted on Saturday one of the camps which contained a large number of vehicles and other equipment in addition to targeting caves used to store ammunition in northern Yemen areas in and around Sa'ada region. He asserted that there was no violations of the Saudi borders because the Saudi ground forces carried out a lot of work in the rear using mortars and artillery.

He reported that the Saudi ground forces for the first time used mortars at distances farther inside the rear where they targeted sites from which the elements that targeted Almanarah site at night came. He said that there were no such cases during the past 24 hours. He did not rule out the continuation of skirmishes by the Houthi militias from time to time indicating that the ground forces are doing their job in cooperation with the border guards.

He mentioned the coninued naval operations concerning the sea embargo and visit and inspection of ships heading to and from ports and facilitating movement of ships coming from Djibouti carrying relief materials, drawing attention to the arrival of another ship to the port of Aden carrying food and relief material to ease the suffering of Yemeni citizens and improve their living conditions.

He reported that the air campaign carried a total of 2300 sorties including operations that took place during Sunday afternoon.

With regard to air defenses, Brigadier Asiri confirmed that coalition forces targeted a percentage of 95 to 98% of the potential captured by Houthi militias and which was under the control of the Yemeni army. He added that what remains with them is only a few short range artillery pieces that will not have an impact on subsequent operations. He stressed that air sovereignty was absolute and coalition aircraft were flying day and night at any time and anywhere freely.

He said that coalition forces neutralized all command, control and communications centers, reminding that the militias have no communication any longer, no command and control and no centralized planning. He added that the actions carried out by the groups are isolated as those in Shabwa are fighting in Shabwa and have no communication with those in Dalea or in Saada or Sanaa or other places due to the targeting of all means of communication, which was used for this purpose. They also no longer have command and control but isolated operations. This is the case also near the Saudi borders and therefore these militias and their supporters from the rebels of the Yemeni army have no longer any means of command and control in the military sense, he said.

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