Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri announces achievement of Determination Storm's goals, beginning of Operation Hope Restore 4 Riyadh

الثلاثاء 1436/7/2 هـ الموافق 2015/04/21 م واس
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Then, al-Asiri answered reporters' questions and explained that the command of the coalition began its operations upon a formal request from the Yemeni government and ended them at the request of the Yemeni government which saw that the targets set for the operations have been achieved and to allow for the Yemeni government to begin restoring hope to the Yemenis.

Brigadier Asiri that the Security Council resolution is a strong message from the international community that the situation in Yemen is not a field for media speculations, and that Determination Storm is application of this resolution and support for the legitimacy of the Yemeni government, stressing that the Kingdom is able to protect itself and will not be dragged by media rhetoric and provocations adding that that the goal of Determination Storm is the restoration of security and stability to Yemen and the region.

The spokesman of the coalition forces indicated that the role of the National Guard is a major role in the security and stability of the kingdom and has a supporting role for the armed forces and is taking part in the defense of the northern borders and its deployment now is normal according to the concept of operations in the use of military forces in the kingdom, pointing out that the National Guard is participating with the Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior in playing the required roles to do the duty of defending the southern border of the kingdom.

Brigadier Asiri stressed that the end of Determination Storm and the start of the of Hope Restore are a combination of political and diplomatic action and military action, pointing out that the command of the coalition is concerned with military action, which is to prevent the Huthi militias from carrying out any military operations.

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