Security Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior: Details of Arrest Operation of a Suspect of the East Riyadh Crime

الجمعة 1436/7/5 هـ الموافق 2015/04/24 م واس
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Riyadh, Rajab 5, 1436, Apr 24, 2015, SPA -- The security spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Major General Mansour Al-Turki gave details of the arrest operation of Yazied Mohammad Abdulrahman Abu Nayan, 23 years, who killed two security patrol members and, later, caught hiding in a farm at Al-Awained Center in the Province of Huraimela, some 40 km west of Durma Province.
At a press conference at the Army Officers Club in Riyadh today, Al-Turki said Yazied pleaded guilty of the killing crime after being interrogated and confronted with the evidence.
He said the suspect admitted that he carried out the shooting at the police patrol and the killing of its driver and his partner. The suspect added that he was executing instructions he received from the terrorist organization ISIS of Syria, and said that he met with another partner to commit the crime following coordination with Syria-based SISI so that he would take the charge of firing while his partner would drive the car and take photos to send them to SISI in Syria.
Al-Turki said the suspect claimed that he doesn't know the identity of his partner, except that his name is Barjas and speaks a Moroccan accent.
He said the other wanted suspect's identity was identified by the security authority which allotted as much as one million Saudi Riyadh as a reward for whoever gives information that leads to his arrest. The contact number is 990, warning that whoever provides hideout or cover-up to the suspect would face legal interrogation and responsibility.
He disclosed that the name of the wanted is Nawaf bin Sharif Samir Al-Enezi.
He said an amount of money, ammunition, a number of vehicles, money and chemical materials believed to be involved in terror activities were found with the first suspect or in the vicinity of the farm.

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