Qatari Foreign Minister: GCC 15th consultative meeting discussed latest situation in Yemeni and developments in light of results of Operation Determination Storm 3 Riyadh

الأربعاء 1436/7/17 هـ الموافق 2015/05/06 م واس
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Then, Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council and Foreign Minister of Qatar responded to
reporters' questions.

In response to a question about the national dialogue among the Yemeni parties, that was called for by the Yemeni president in Riyadh on 17 May, Qatari Foreign Minister said that we hope that everyone will accept this invitation and join others fellow Yemenis present in Riyadh for the start of this political process based on Yemeni national dialogue and its outcomes, and the relevant resolution of UN Security Council.

Responding to a question about Operation Renewal of Hope that is being carried out by the coalition countries, he said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced today the establishment of a center for relief and humanitarian efforts in Yemen based in Riyadh, and it called on all parties to join this common effort for humanitarian aid in Yemen, pointing out that the coalition forces are now developing a road map for the delivery of aid to all areas and regions in Yemen.

In response to a question about the support of the Republic of France for the coalition forces and Yemen in particular, he said that France is an ally and a friend of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the presence of French President today at the opening of the GCC consultative meeting is a testament of the French support for its friendly GCC countries, it also emphasizes the legitimacy of the actions that took place in Yemen, and shows the full and absolute support for the steps taken by the Arab Coalition, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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