Official Source on Nuclear Deal between Iran and P5+1 Group

Tuesday 1436/9/27 - 2015/07/14
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Riyadh, Ramadan 27, 1436, July 14, 2015, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always believed in the importance of reaching a deal regarding Iran's nuclear program that ensures preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and at the same time includes a specific, strict and permanent mechanism for inspecting all sites - including military ones - along with a mechanism for rapidly and effectively re-imposing sanctions in case Iran violates the deal, an official source said in a statement following the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group.
The official source confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia agrees with the P5+1 group and the international community to continue having the sanctions imposed on Iran due to its support for terrorism and violation of international armament treaties and agreements.
Under the nuclear deal, Iran has to use its resources in serving its internal development and improving the conditions of the Iranian people, rather than using these resources in destabilizing the region which is an act that will be strictly faced by the region's countries, the source added.
Considering Iran a neighboring country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking forward to building better relations with it in various fields based on the principle of good neighborliness and non-interference in the affairs of others, the source concluded.
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