Ministry of the Interior: arrest of cells linked to ISIS

Saturday 1436/10/2 - 2015/07/18
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Riyadh, Shawwal 02, 1436, July 18, 2015, SPA -- Security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior said that over the past few weeks, the competent security authorities managed to arrest a network of cluster cells linked to the terrorist ISIS organization as part of a scheme managed from troubled areas abroad and aimed at inciting sectarian strife and chaos.

The number of arrested to date was 431 (four hundred and one thirty) detainees, most of them citizens, as well as participants holding other nationalities including Yemeni, Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, Algerian, Nigerian, Chadian, and unidentified others.

What combines these cells (which were subjected to security restrictions by not making direct contacts among themselves) is the belonging to the terrorist ISIS organization in terms of the adoption of thought, takfir of society and bloodshed, and then exchanging roles to implement the plans and objectives dictated from abroad. This organization carried out a number of criminal operations included the following:

1. The incident of targeting worshipers in the village of Aldaloh in al-Ahsa province on 01/10/1436 AH.

2- The incident of shooting on public security patrol east Riyadh on 06/19/1436 AH and martyrdom of its driver and his partner.

3- The incident of firing on a patrol of installation security while on duty near the strategic storage site south of Riyadh on 19/07/1436 AH and martyrdom of its driver.

4- The incident of targeting worshipers at the mosque of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib in the town of Qudayh on 08/04/1436 AH.

5- The incident failed targeting of worshipers at the Mosque of Al-Hussein Bin Ali in Anoud neighborhood in Dammam on 11/08/1436 AH.

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