Living Cost Index in Kingdom rises in October by 0.3% 2 Riyadh

Thursday 1437/1/30 - 2015/11/12
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At the level of the annual change of the index record for cost of living, which recorded a rise of 2.4%, the monthly report attributed that to 10 main sections of the index, namely : the section of education, up 5.4%, the section of clothing and footwear by 5.2%, the section of housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, up 4.4%, followed by the health section up 2.3%, and the section of transportation with a rise of 2.3%, and home furnishing, equipment and maintenance, up 2 section 0.2%, the section of recreation and culture by 2.0%, and the section of communications, up 1.4%, and food and beverage section by 1.2%, and finally the section of miscellaneous goods and services 0.7%. In contrast, the index decreased for the section of restaurants and hotels by 1.9%.
-- SPA
14:45 LOCAL TIME 11:45 GMT