GCC Supreme Council Concludes 36th Session 3 Riyadh

Thursday 1437/2/28 - 2015/12/10
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The declaration added that the wise perspectives of the Custodian of the Two Mosques concerning consolidation of integration among the GCC states agreed upon by the GCC leaders in this summit was among the top priorities of the joint GCC action for the next round.
It added that after seven years since the establishment of the GCC common market based on total equality in treatment of all GCC nationals in all economic spheres, it has been agreed to complete steps of implementation of the market, and to make things easy, it has also been agreed on the formation of the judicial authority which has become a pressing issue where the GCC leaders are keen on finishing that up by next year.
The declaration also said that it has been agreed on speeding up completion of the economic legislation system which would help in narrowing and unifying the legal environment in the GCC states.
It noted to the placement of the all GCC offices, organizations and institutions under the umbrella of the GCC General Secretariat under the supervision of the ministerial council and the concerned ministerial committees.
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